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A Very Special Wedding Album Design

The choices I made for my own album design

There can be no truer testament to a product than when a service provider wants to buy it for themself. This is very much the case with the Wedding Albums I create.

Design one at the time of getting married or create one for an Anniversary. Either way, they are a unique and special gift that should be made at some time in your life to showcase those special moments.

Since I began working with Queensberry in 2005, I have lusted after their albums and hoped for the time when I could design one for myself. At that time, of course, I was a long way from being married though.

Queensberry Wedding Album in created as a gift for the photographer's wife on their 10 year wedding anniversary

“The experience of touching and sharing a photograph is priceless”

When Chantelle and I did marry, we had a small ceremony in Sydney with the idea of having our reception party on the other side of the world with my family a couple of years later, so the right time to create an album took a while to present itself.

Having always had the desire to make and own the same type of beautiful artwork I provide to my clients, I decided I would wait and make it as a gift for my wife on our 10-year wedding anniversary. I wanted to fill it with moments from our lives from then to now.

When the time came to put the design together, I chose a Vibrant Linen Cover as I like the boldness of the tones, along with the texture and feel. Using a Linen cover material also meant I could present the album in a Designer Album Box with the matching material.

Queensberry Wedding Album in Vibrant Indigo Linen. The main album is embossed in gold with the word 'ten' and the Display Box is embossed with the word ten in six different languages. The album was created for the photographer's ten year wedding anniversary!

I then chose to design a different Custom Emboss for the Album and its Presentation Box to add a little extra interest. I created an emboss with a series of the word ‘ten’ in various different languages to add intrigue and then created one in English for the actual album cover, for when you open the box, as the reveal. I chose a gold foil for the emboss as it is a beautiful colour combination when paired with the deep blue linen.

Inside the album, I created a custom transparent opening page with a simple message to introduce the idea for the gift.

  • Transparent page in a wedding album with the writing '10 years of Love and Life with my Soulmate'
  • Transparent page in a wedding album with the writing '10 years of Love and Life with my Soulmate'

All good stories need a beginning, a middle, and an end. I arranged a photoshoot with another great photographer friend of mine from the Central Coast, Carmen Glenn, to create the end moments that would tie everything together and form a basis for the book: our Anniversary. For our couple shoot, we got dressed up and went to one of my favourite Central Coast locations for sunset photos, Box Head in Bouddi N.P. We almost got blown away when a huge windstorm suddenly whipped up but we got some amazing shots and had a lot of fun, which was exactly what I was hoping for.

  • Pages from a Wedding Album showing a couples photoshoot on the Central Coast at Bouddi NP
  • Pages from a Wedding Album showing a couples photoshoot on the Central Coast at Bouddi NP

I managed to surprise Chantelle with the album, and we are both over the moon with the stunning keepsake we now have. We finally have our own Wedding Album! Not only that, our daughter, whose own birth is featured in the album, loves to look through it and reminisce about moments from our lives.

That’s the thing about printing photos and having them to touch and hold, picking out just the most important ones to tell a story… We are tactile creatures. Looking at images on a screen is just not the same. Then, once a few years have passed, those memories have been buried in the depths of a hard drive. We mustn’t let that happen. The joy that can be felt and shared from opening the pages of an old album in years to come is priceless!

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August 24, 2022

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