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Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat Wedding : Lara + Kevin

Lara and Kevin held one heck of a weekend away for their Wedding in Kangaroo Valley in the NSW Southern Highlands.

They stayed with their closest friends and family at the Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat. Miles from the closest town and had the entire rural retreat to themselves. It really was idyllic.

A couple stand in the middle of the picture. They have just got married. They kiss in front of their friends and family. They are in a rock valley at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat. It is damp and wet.

I was asked to photograph Lara and Kevin’s Kangaroo Valley Wedding after having photographed Lara’s sister, Katya’s wedding. This was in another idyllic bush location, the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens. It seems these girls clearly have an affinity with nature!

The night before the wedding in Kangaroo Valley, we were treated to a coming-together celebration with a spit-roast buffet dinner and a chance for all the guests to meet or catch up. It’s not often I get the chance to be a part of these things, as usually, I would arrive on the Wedding day. It was lovely to be involved in the evening though because people were already getting to know me as the photographer before the big day, and thus I too became one of the guests.

  • Night photo of people chatting at a BBQ in Kangaroo Valley, NSW
  • Night photo of people chatting at a BBQ in Kangaroo Valley, NSW
  • Night photo of people chatting at a BBQ in Kangaroo Valley, NSW
  • Night photo of people chatting at a BBQ in Kangaroo Valley, NSW
  • Night photo of people chatting at a BBQ in Kangaroo Valley, NSW

A Rainy Wedding Day and an Epic Sunset!

On the day of the wedding, the weather was not looking like being on our side. It started off very misty with rain looking imminent, so the bridal party was on ‘radar watch’ for the hours leading up to the ceremony. Rain was inevitable it seemed, but would we get away with it? As the ceremony neared, the rain finally arrived. The call was made to delay, but there is only so long these things can be delayed.

Most thought that the ceremony would have to be moved, since the Wedding was to be held in the ‘Rock Cathedral’, a natural rock valley, down a slippery natural staircase. The bride and groom were determined though and decided to head for the Cathedral nevertheless.

This is where the magic of this day began. We walked down in the drizzle, but the very moment the ceremony started, the rain stopped. And it never returned all day! It was honestly like somebody was watching over us.

An epic sunset over Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat with a married couple in the foreground

This feeling continued later in the day when we headed to ‘Sunset Lookout’. The clouds were thick and our hopes for a sunset were not high, but I got the couple in position anyway, hoping I would be able to pull something out of the images in the editing process. Then, in that moment, the clouds parted just enough to reveal the most incredible sunset I have ever seen. My jaw dropped. I told the couple to ignore the photos, just take in that moment, for somebody was certainly sending them a sign. It was honestly a moment I will never forget!

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November 20, 2021

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