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Colourful African Beach Wedding on the Central Coast : Fari + Karl

There are fun and joyous weddings…and then there are African Weddings!

In the middle of December, Farisayi’s friends from Zimbabwe awoke the sleepy folks on MacMasters Beach as they led her towards her future with Karl. Dancing and singing as a group, it was the best procession into a wedding I have ever seen. Slowly, they made their way along the beach, swaying their hips and calling their arrival. Everyone was certainly paying attention.

A procession of African ladies, walk down the beach singing and chanting, and carrying white balloons. It is a Central Coast Wedding on MacMasters Beach. Very fun image.

The African Wedding Vibe

If I had to describe Fari and Karl’s wedding in a few words it would be


The sound that the girls from Zimbabwe made every time they wanted to celebrate and show their approval was totally infectious, like a loud, quick “Lalalalalalalalalala”, it was almost a war dance call. Sometimes I think we, in Australia and other similar Anglo-centric countries, tend to hold in our feelings, perhaps expressing them in different ways. However, in this African culture, things are very different. The heart is worn right out there, for good or for bad, exposed but intense and pounding.

Love is big and loud, it’s in your face and without restraint, and so a wedding is a big-time celebration of happiness.

In keeping with this, Fari had coloured her hair bright red and braided it to one side. She had grown it out, especially for the day, and I love the impact of going with such a bold style for such a big occasion. When Karl saw her walking down the beach, flanked by both her parents, his emotions and love were clear to see as he burst into tears of joy. All day long he seemed like the cat who’d got the cream, having the best day and constantly thanking everybody around him for sharing in their happiness.

A black african lady wears a bright white wedding dress and bright red hair. She is holding hands with her white husband, who wears a light blue suit. They stand in front of a sandstone cliff on MacMasters Beach, Central Coast NSW

Following on from the ceremony at MacMasters Beach, we took off for a few photos but kept it quick as they wanted to get back to their friends and the party at Fari and Karl’s home in Bensville. There, they’d set up a marquee in the backyard and decorated it superbly with colourful nods to their African heritage, including an Elephant or Tiger for each guest’s bonbonniere, and a paper festooned wall that read LOVE.


November 20, 2021

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