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Sydney City Elopement in the Chippendale Back Streets : Maaike + Pedro

Maaike and Pedro wanted to keep things small and intimate for the moment when they decided to tie the knot. Mature enough to understand that their family would fully understand and embrace their decision to not have them there for the actual ceremony, they were able to throw them a party the following day to celebrate their commitment together.

The Experience

This was a fun experience for all of us. We met at Woy Woy Train Station, all dolled up for their big day, and rode the commuter train down to Sydney’s Central Station for their Elopement. Originally, Maaike and Pedro had suggested I simply meet them at the Registry Office (turned Cellar Door) but I knew that the experience of riding the train with them would make for both a unique story and some great photos.

A photograph of the side of a Sydney Train. In the middle stands a bride and groom in the doorway of the train smiling and looking happy

Intimate Moments & Inspiration in the Everyday

I love the idea that everybody is going about their own business in the world, unaware of the big moments that are happening in somebody else’s life. Sometimes though, these two things can intertwine and cross over and suddenly you are caught by the flash of a wedding dress walking through the city and you stop. It was unexpected. Now you are aware of somebody else’s story, or at least a moment in it and you can embrace joy with them.

For me, this is a big part of what Weddings and Elopements are about, a shared connection that brings people together, even when they weren’t expecting it!

We wandered the streets of Chippendale looking for unique spots for photos that would tell a different story. Their story. We went without preconceptions and as a Photographer that was so liberating. Maaike and Pedro were the perfect clients, completely open to creativity and encouraging me to explore.

I embraced the opportunity to experiment with some shots I had never tried before as we played with the idea of creating an album cover for a non-existent band.

  • A wall covered in a repeating poster of a woman which is dominated by red. The sun falls dramatically across the wall creating hard shadows. A man and woman look at each other, half in and half out of the shadows.
  • Four people stand in a line against a wall. The image is shot from the side, viewing them all in profile. It looks like a band's album cover but it is a wedding photograph
  • Handpicked Wines Cellar Door in Sydney. Four people stand in front, all in profile, separted by the slats of the large window
  • A bride and groom stand against the corner of a wall. Each is on a different side so can't see each other but the hold hands in the middle. Colourful floral jacket

The ceremony was held at the Cellar Door of Handpicked Wines, a really unique space and afterward, the small bridal party of 4 enjoyed wine, tapas, and antipasto.

We traveled back to the Central Coast on the train and the next evening we all reconvened for the party! Since Pedro is an Architect and the Maaike family all have that background too, the elements that they brought together for the setup of the space were completely unique and intriguing. Maaike’s family home was awash with art and experimentation, the creative influence clear to see all around.

As I worked my way around the party, I did my best to tell the story as a traditional photojournalist, looking for those little Cartier-Bresson-type moments. Check out the Slideshow at the bottom for images of the celebration.

The whole experience of being a part of Maaike and Pedro’s Elopement was very fulfilling for me as a Creative and is why I love the job I have. Every couple is unique and the way they celebrate is too. I get to play a part in that! I never take that for granted 🙂

Flowers | The Petal Sisters

Check out the Highlights Slideshow from the day…

November 20, 2021

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