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Gracelands Wedding at Forresters Beach : Vanessa + Steve

Vanessa & Steve aren’t the biggest Star Wars fans but when their wedding fell on May the Fourth they really couldn’t resist a few little nods to the epic movie franchise. Gracelands have a very unique Lightbox right outside the front door that guests can adapt in whatever way they please and so this classic phrase was greeting guests as they arrived at the intimate Central Coast venue.

Couple standing in the doorway of Gracelands Forresters Beach, a Central Coast Wedding Venue. The sign reads May the fourth be with you

The tongue-in-cheek use of the Star Wars phrase really summed up this wedding and the couple’s outgoing and fun nature, so being a part of their special day was a blast for me. I feel like they were itching to get the party started and throw some moves on the dance floor all day and once they did it didn’t disappoint. Harvey was playing the tunes, with his plethora of musical instruments and talent, busting out some crackers with the trumpet! I love it when a wedding has a fun dance floor and everyone is up for getting involved. You can see the fun of the night popping out of the images.

Musician Harvey playing trumpet at a wedding party. Very colourful image with lots of energy.

When it came to making the highlights slideshow for the couple, I decided to run with this vibe and put together a snappy cut-down version for them, which hopefully embodies the energy that was felt on the day.

Gracelands is one of my favourite Wedding venues on the Central Coast, particularly if you want something small with a modern feel to it. The owner, Stef, has a clear vision and makes sure that everything is kept to a high standard whilst still having that laid-back Coastie vibe.

The Botanical Workshop was chosen by the couple to create the stunning Australian native flowers for the day.

Afterwards, I created a stunning Studio Wedding Album, that brought in the earthy green tones to match with the vibe of the venue, which you can check out here:

  • Underatreehouse Queensberry Wedding Album from Gracelands Wedding Central Coast

Check out the Highlights Slideshow of the day…

February 3, 2022

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