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Sunrise Beach Elopement, NSW : Elle + Ben

If you’re in the midst of planning an elopement, it can be tough to think through the logistics of the day and decide on the perfect time to actually have your ceremony and photos. Unlike a larger wedding held at a venue, you aren’t tied to anyone else’s schedule or time constraints. This is super liberating, and if a sunrise elopement is on the cards – you will not be disappointed!

In an intimate sunrise beach Elopement in Australia, the couple kiss in the foreground, while their Celebrant and small group of family guests cheer in the background. The sun appears through the middle of their kiss. The image is fun, romantic, colourful and exciting.

Central Coast Sunrise Elopement

Elle and Ben held their Elopement on Catherine Hill Bay beach. During all of my years as a wedding photographer, this was the first time a couple planned to elope at sunrise. Now, I’m no morning person, but when I know something is going to be as awesome as this, I’m in!

One of the first things to consider when eloping is that if you choose a public place like a beach, park or lookout, for example, it can get busy! In Elle and Ben’s case, it was March, a beautiful time of year for weather, so the beach would get busier later in the day. This made Sunrise the perfect opportunity to exchange their vows.

The crows may not bother you, but if you’re opting to elope, you’re probably looking to create a private and intimate moment. Whilst Sunset also has beautiful light, Sunrise is generally less busy, and the light feels cleaner, without the heat and pollution of the day, and you avoid the tourists and onlookers.

When you get in touch, I think it’s great to have a chat and get to know each other a bit better. This can either be face-to-face (all the better!) or a meeting over Zoom. In this case, I chatted with Elle and Ben over video call as Ben was living in Switzerland at the time, working for FIFA. They are both Australians, but their Elopement would also mark Elle moving over to Switzerland to be with Ben and their dog, Otis. Both really looking forward to this next chapter of their lives.

The only other vendor who would be present on the day was Haley from Lovenotes Ceremonies to officiate the ceremony. Haley is wonderful to work with – she’s upbeat and always brings positive vibes.

On the morning of the elopement, I arrived in the dark to meet Ben and his parents. We made our way down to the beach with Haley and picked the spot for the ceremony before I raced back to meet Elle and some more friends and family.

For a sunrise ceremony, you will most likely arrive in the dark, which can seem daunting, but as the sky transitions from black into calm hues of blue and then warms up into golden hour, it’s well worth it.

Benefits of a Sunrise Elopement

When you’re considering what time of day to elope – lighting is one of the most important things to consider. The lighting during the day (especially in Summer) can be really harsh and cast unwanted shadows in the crevices of your eyes. If you opt for a sunrise elopement, we will get the opportunity to snap some incredible shots at golden hour with the sun rising behind you. It’s pretty darn special if you ask me.

If you’re unsure about the location that you’ve picked for your elopement, you can do some research on when the sun rises and sets and from what direction. Google is great for that, but even better – ask me for help! I work with all of my couples on a wedding day timeline that heavily takes into consideration the location and the lighting to decide on the best time to capture your portraits.

The perfect start to a day!

Elle and Ben’s ceremony couldn’t have been better. It was intimate, full of love and with just their closest people present – it felt really meaningful. They wanted to do something a little different and truly felt like them. I can absolutely say they achieved that.

Relaxed from beginning to end, Elle wore a white dress that was comfortable enough to walk in the sand, and Ben wore a cream linen suit. Following on from the ceremony, the champagne was popped as they had some nibbles while the day began to heat up. We grabbed some portraits, and then everyone headed off for breakfast. Can you think of a better way to start your day?

You bought the perfect energy and vibe, especially given the early hour, and blended seamlessly into our little wedding party. Thank you for your positivity, enthusiasm and patience in helping us capture beautiful memories!

Elle & Ben

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If you want to chat about your ideas and the logistics of a Sunrise Elopement, please feel free to get in touch with me here.

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October 17, 2023

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