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5 Reasons to Have an Elopement

You’re engaged. Congratulations! Before you begin planning your big day, you have to decide if “BIG” is actually what you want. I’m here to tell you there are a ton of ways to get married, and it’s about finding what’s right for you and your partner. If you’ve been considering an Elopement, then read on.

If you’ve never felt connected to a grand-scale event, eloping might be the right choice for you. Long gone are the days when eloping meant jumping on a plane to Vegas and being wed by an Elvis Impersonator (although that would be pretty cool!) These days, modern elopements are about intimacy, connection, exploring new places and putting what matters most front and centre.

In this article, I am going to share my 5 favourite reasons to Elope – coming straight from someone who eloped themselves!

1. Intimacy

Intimate Elopement Black and White Photograph of a wind-swept bride clinging to her husband on a rocky outcrop by the beach. Central Coast, NSW

Eloping allows for a private and intimate experience between you and your partner. It eliminates the pressure that comes with having a large audience and allows the focus to be solely on your love and commitment to each other.

If being the centre of attention and standing in front of 100 people isn’t your thing (I totally get it), then an elopement will take away this stress.

An elopement typically includes you, your partner, a celebrant and a photographer (who can double as a witness). You will need one other person to witness the wedding if you want to get legally married during the elopement, but you can do the legal stuff prior to or after the day if you want to head off the beaten path for photos.

2. Adventure and Spontaneity

A couple walk along Elephant Rock on their Elopement near Sydney, NSW, Australia. Leading lines take the viewer attention to the couple in the centre of the frame. The image looks adventurous yet intimate

Eloping can be an adventurous and spontaneous choice – it adds an element of excitement and the freedom to get married anywhere you choose. We are lucky in Australia, as many countries dictate the locations where you can be legally married but in Australia, you just need a Celebrant there to officiate it. So, whether it’s on a mountain top, beach or even in mid-air, an Elopement can make it a truly unique and memorable experience.

3. Flexibility and Simplicity

A couple who have just got married are sitting inside a classic American Car at Krinklewood Estate in the Hunter Valley. The bride holds her hat in the air. The groom is wearing black tie. The image looks fun, romantic and colourful.

For most couples, planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. Organising any event for 100+ people is a hard feat, not to mention one of the biggest days of your life. Throw in some financial pressure and family expectations and you can feel totally overwhelmed. Eloping takes this stress out of the equation and provides you with flexibility on your terms. You have the freedom to choose a destination that holds meaning to you with fewer logistical complexities. It means you can focus on your own desires and preferences without feeling obligated to meet certain traditions (or invite certain guests).

4. Price

A couple are kissing in the dark. They are wearing beach clothes, but it is the day of their Elopement Wedding. A light shines from behind them and illuminates the falling rain. The image is dramatic and romantic!

It’s hard to talk about planning a wedding without mentioning the cost of it. Traditional weddings can be EXPENSIVE, with costs associated with venues, catering, decorations and more. Eloping often presents a more budget-friendly option, allowing you to allocate resources elsewhere or save money for future endeavours (European honeymoon, anyone?)

5. Photography

In an intimate sunrise beach Elopement in Australia, the couple kiss in the foreground, while their Celebrant and small group of family guests cheer in the background. The sun appears through the middle of their kiss. The image is fun, romantic, colourful and exciting.

Elopements are a lot more laid back and less intense in nature. This means you’re more comfortable, less nervous and the photos are more natural, allowing your love for one another to shine through.

Rather than sticking to a strict wedding day timeline, Elopements allow more time to play around and have fun with the shots. Bring a couple of beers and snacks and we will adventure together, finding unique locations with the perfect light.

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July 5, 2023

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