Thank you for your interest in my Packages. I am truly honoured to be considered to document your big day!

From experience, I decided that it is best to keep things simple and base my packages primarily on the Whole Day. This means from Getting Ready in the morning, through to the First Dance and some partying after. I have found that 10 hours is generally the perfect amount of time to cover everything. However, if you want me to be available for longer I am happy to customise a package for your needs.

I have found that most people, when they decide to cover the full day absolutely love the results and are so glad they did. Your wedding is about the whole experience, not just the ceremony and it is a shame to neglect this. I have also found that this extra bit of time gives the chance for you to build a rapport with and become more comfortable with your photographer, before you arrive at the ceremony.



10 Hours Wedding Coverage
25 Page Studio Album
($1200 Value)
Custom Video Slideshow
650+ Fully Edited Digital Images with Print Release
Beautiful Online Gallery & Print Store




10 Hours Wedding Coverage
Custom Video Slideshow
650+ Fully Edited Digital Images with Print Release
Beautiful Online Gallery & Print Store




8 Hours Wedding Coverage
Custom Video Slideshow
500+ Fully Edited Digital Images with Print Release
Beautiful Online Gallery & Print Store




5 Hours Wedding Coverage
400+ Fully Edited Digital Images with Print Release
Beautiful Online Gallery & Print Store


Highlight Slideshows are included in all Full Day Packages

Ben & Isabelle


Have you thought about adding Videography to your Package?

We have a couple of straight-forward options to keep you happy.

The no-fuss, no audio recording, movie-style trailer approach or the full-blown, let’s get everything main event.

Which is your cup of tea?


Presentation of your Images

All my weddings are presented in a customised wooden Presentation Box.
I do not believe that your images should only be sent to you online, and this provides a beautiful way to keep your wedding photos safe for years to come.

Wooden USB & Prints

Inside your Presentation Box you will find a matching wooden USB, which contains your digital images.
I also select and present to you 20 Handmade Fine Art Prints on Cotton Rag Paper.

Highest Quality Albums

When I started out in this business I decided I would only present the highest quality I could.
From that day to now, that meant Queensberry Albums, handmade to last a lifetime.
I can personally design a beautiful album alongside you that will give your wedding pictures a home to be proud of!

A wealth of options

There are many ways of customising an album, and a variety of price points too.
We can make a high-end yet lightweight Book...

From Light to Luxurious, they are all High-End

...or we can design a luxurious Duo Album, with a mix of full bleed and matted pages.

Parents Albums

Not only can you get your beautiful full size album, it is also possible to have smaller Copy Albums made.
These are a great thank you gift for Parents or other loved ones.





Can we make changes to your packages?

I have designed the three main packages based on my experiences and feel like they cover most people's needs.

However, I also realise that every wedding or elopement is different and unique and these packages may not fit with your ideas.

If you have something else in mind just let me know and I'll work something out especially for you.

How many images will I receive?

Generally, for Full Day Wedding Packages with One Photographer, you will receive 600-800 fully processed images.

With Two Photographers, 800-1000 images.

For Half Day Packages, 400-600 images.

How long will it be before I receive my images?

My aim is to deliver your fully processed digital images, slideshow (if applicable) and presentation box within 4 weeks of your wedding.

During the busier seasons this can push out to 6 weeks, but it won't be any longer than that.

How far will you travel for my Wedding?

Quite simply,
"Wherever you want me, I'll be there!"

The majority of weddings I shoot are around the Central Coast, Sydney, and the Hunter Valley.

However, I love to travel and experience new places and do some of my best work in new environments.

I would love to travel statewide, nationwide or worldwide.

I'd be honoured to be a part of your big day, wherever it might be!

Should I get a Second Photographer?

There are many advantages to having a second Photographer, and these mostly stem from the fact that we can be in two places at once!

Firstly, it allows for fuller coverage of you both getting ready. If there is a large distance between your preparation locations it may not be feasible for me to get to both of you, but having two Photographers means there is no problem in this regard.

Once at the venue, two Photographers can also achieve multiple angles and viewpoints and a much better coverage of both your ceremony, guests and reception.

However, I comfortably shoot the vast majority of weddings alone with no issues, so the decision comes down to your personal preferences.

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