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Iceland Wedding Photography : Abandoned Planes & Waterfalls : Jon & Margret

Wedding photo at Skógafoss Waterfall, Iceland


Jon and Margrét were married in July in Reykjavík, Iceland. We didn’t photograph their wedding, as instead, I was part of the Bridal Party and that doesn’t really lend itself to the job too well. However, none of us wanted to miss the opportunity for a spectacular photoshoot and so a couple of days later the couple donned their wedding outfits again and we took to the road.


Below is the Slideshow I put together for the couple. Remember to ensure the quality is on 1080 HD for the best viewing experience.



Iceland is an incredible country with so much variety of landscapes. As we drove around the country in the week after the shoot, I was fascinated to see how the land would change from desert to lush green fields, floating icebergs to rugged mountains in no time at all.


Iceland rock formations



Black pebble beach and wedding rings


Black rock cave Iceland


On our shoot we managed to pull in a demonstration of this variety all within a small area close to Vík on the south coast. Starting with a black, volcanic beach with its interesting rock formations, we then came across a deserted military plane in the middle of nowhere. This United States Navy Douglas Super DC-3 airplane was forced to land on Saturday Nov 24, 1973. Luckily all the passengers survived but the body of the plane remains on the beach and serves as an awesome backdrop for photos.


Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck, Iceland Engagement Shoot


Iceland Plane Wreck Photo Shoot


After the plane wreck we moved on to one of Iceland’s great dramatic waterfalls (of which there are many), Skógafoss. This is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country, with a drop of 200ft.


150727 JonMaggy 045


wedding photo at skogafoss


I would highly recommend Iceland as a destination for your next trip and hope I will be able to get back there one day soon. In the meantime, enjoy the photos!