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Hindu Wedding Photography : Shri Shiva Mandir Temple : Sydney

One wedding I have always wanted to photograph is a Hindu wedding. With their Indian origins they are always so full of colour and life. This year I got the chance, thanks to Natalie and Sandy, and I’m so excited to be able to share it now.

The way this all came together was very fortuitous for me. Nat and Sandy both grew up in Sydney, but they had moved to Newcastle a few years ago for work. When they got engaged though and wanted to have a party to celebrate with friends and family, they decided to hold it half way between the two places to be fair to all guests. After looking around, they settled on the Boathouse at Koolewong on the NSW Central Coast.

As a local Central Coast Photographer, I got the call up to photograph their evening, and the rest, as they say, is history. They loved the photos of the evening, and it might’ve helped that I spoke a little Spanish to their visiting guests from South America, because a few months later they asked me to meet with them to talk about their wedding.

You couldn’t believe my excitement when I found out there was to be not one wedding, but two. A Hindu wedding, and a ‘Western’ wedding, and I was invited to both!

If there is one thing I learned from these days spent with Nat and Sandy, it is that they have great taste!

On the day of the first wedding, I was not disappointed. I arrived to find a deep red traditional Sari, full of intricate beading and piles of bangles ready to adorn the girls’ arms. Natalie’s arms and feet were decorated with henna tattoos, including a portrait of her and her husband-to-be on each hand, which would meet when she brought her hands together.

The bridesmaids wore a royal blue sari and the boys looked sophisticated in white and gold, with Sandy in a traditional decorative Sherwani jacket and hat with feathers and beads, and incredible Juti shoes.


Here is the Video Slideshow we put together for the couple. Well worth a watch!



The wedding took place at the Shri Shiva Mandir Temple in Minto, in Sydney’s south west.

One of the main reasons I love photography is it opens doors and allows me to experience and be a part of traditions and ceremonies I would never otherwise have had the opportunity to witness. I found it fascinating to watch all the Indian customs that make up a Hindu wedding, like the couple having a private moment behind a curtain, where the groom puts the red Bindi mark of a married woman on his new wife’s forehead; and the Saptapadi, where the couple walk around the sacred fire 7 times.

A week after their Hindu Ceremony, I met with Nat, Sandy and their families once more, this time in the Hunter Valley, for their absolutely stunning Western Wedding, which you can now view here!


And now the day from the start…