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Central Coast Wedding Photography : Somerby Falls & Terrigal : Amanda & Gavin

Amanda and Gavin’s wedding was split between Somersby Falls and Terrigal, both on the NSW Central Coast. This was great because it gave a mix of both the country vibe with an incredible waterfall, along with a superb beach location!




Our day began at the Crowne Plaza in Terrigal, the main and largest hotel on the seafront. Here I met Amanda and her bridesmaid Theresa, who were busy getting their make-up done when I arrived. I couldn’t believe how laid back and relaxed our bride was. She was happily taking everything in her stride.

I then visited Gavin and best man Owen. Gavin was a bit more flustered, thanks to the fact that his bride-to-be still had his shirt. This of course makes things a little tricky to when you’re not allowed to just go and get it back yourself…

The Crowne Plaza had provided the couple with the honeymoon suite for the wedding night and this was really nice. It has a massive balcony to soak up the sun and huge hot tub, along with the fantastic ocean views of course.

Somersby Falls

The drive from Terrigal to Somersby Falls takes about 40 minutes, but it was well worth it. A little trek down a number of flights of stairs finds you at the base of the waterfalls, which provided a beautiful backdrop for the wedding.

Thankfully, they only had a small number of guests as I’m not sure how they’d have faired with a large party trying to navigate the steps up and down.

Amanda told me later that she had originally wanted to get married in Tasmania because of the scenic locations with waterfalls, etc. However, it was best man Owen who suggested they take a look at Somersby Falls, which would be similar visually but a lot closer! They checked it out and loved it, and of course it saved everyone a lot of travel money too.

The Honeymoon

I don’t normally mention anything to do with a couple’s honeymoon, since it has nothing to do with me really. However, with this couple I have to make an exception. Whilst photographing them in front of an incredible cloud formation at sunset in Terrigal, they eluded to the fact that they were heading to Kansas in the US to go storm chasing!! Talk about ‘out of the ordinary’, what a cool thing to do. Crazy but cool.

The way I see it, if your partner wants to do something like that for your honeymoon and you think it’s a great idea too, then you know that you are made for each other!!

Congratulations guys, I hope you make it safely back to the Land of OZ 😉



If you got all the way to the bottom, congratulations, I hope you enjoyed Amanda and Gavin’s Central Coast Wedding!