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Central Coast Wedding Photography : Patonga : Ingrid & Vidar

The day of Ingrid and Vidar’s wedding, high above Patonga was hot…and when I say hot, I mean 40 degrees, on top of a rock, no shade and no breeze. It was HOT!

Ultra Panoramic Wedding Photo. Elephant Rock, Patonga


On top of that, the way of getting to said rock was through a tiny winding path through the bush, the entrance to which was all but invisible from the main road.

I liked this though, it was an interesting challenge and I knew the view from so high up was undoubtedly going to be stunning. The location didn’t disappoint…


Elephant Rock Patonga Cool Wedding Photo with Testimonials


Ingrid and Vidar had moved to Patonga, on the NSW Central Coast, less than a year prior, from London. This couldn’t be any more of a lifestyle change if they tried. London is cramped and chaotic, a pulsating city with 8.5 million people. Patonga is a quiet rural fishing village with 240 people, a 15 minute drive over a mountain from the nearest shops.

It seems the change suits them down to the ground though, and their wedding ceremony was a perfect match for this quiet, relaxed lifestyle. In total there were 9 of us up on that rock to witness them pledge their love and life to each other: themselves, 5 guests, the celebrant and me!
Central Coast Wedding Photography - Patonga - Underatreehouse


Celebrant: Denise Butler at perfectceremonies.com.au