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Central Coast Wedding Photography : Ettalong Beach : Steve & Nadine

This Central Coast wedding was very close to our hearts, in fact we were honoured to have quite a bit of involvement in it all the way through.

We moved from Sydney to the Central Coast about two years ago and our friends Steve and Nadine moved up here about a year later. I had met Steve a number of years ago through my brother, although I had yet to meet his now fiancé Nadine when they arrived on the Coast. However, we had heard she was pretty cool, and when we met this bright eyed, little bit crazy girl we knew she was perfect for him.

Since we are both heavily involved in weddings, and Chantelle is known for being quite the planning-extraordinaire they asked for a bit of advice. Chantelle was super excited, as she knew it was bound to be a beautiful wedding with a lot of style! The afternoon planning coffees started, down by the waterfront in Ettalong, and soon the latte’s turned to Pinterest boards, watching and helping their ideas come together. Nadine had a clear vision for their wedding, it was about celebrating their love with family and friends, it didn’t have to be big but it should be classy and reflect their fun personalities.

Nadine used to be a DJ and now owns a fashion accessories business with one of her best friends, so she obviously has her finger on the pulse of what is going to look good, but a little helpful push of confidence never goes a miss. ‘It was on one of our planning afternoons that she popped the question’, says Chantelle, “Would you like to see the dress?” ‘My heart jumped. Oh my, she looked stunning. It left me speechless and teary!’

Their day was beautiful, relaxed and fun and they looked amazing. The ceremony was held at Umina Beach SLSC and the reception at ever so cool Box on the Water on Ettalong Beach. We took them for photos at Mt. Ettalong Lookout, which allowed us to glimpse both the ocean and use the forest look too.

The girls made their own bouquets on the morning of the wedding, which just goes to show how creative you can be with a budget and imagination.

And the thing that perhaps caught me by surprise the most was Steve, when I realised he had totally done his homework on the pictures his wife-to-be had put on Pinterest, nailing the poses without me having to guide at all!! So let this be a lesson to all you grooms to be out there, have a sneaky little look at the pics your new wife loves and keep them in your mind, because on the day you are going to make the pair of you shine!! 🙂

This Wedding has also now been featured by Modern Wedding Magazine. View it here.

Steve & Nadine’s fab suppliers for their Central Coast Wedding

Photography: Underatreehouse Photography // Dress: Brides by Francesca // Bridesmaids: Something Nice Boutique // Suits: Politix // Hair: Tunya Vasquez // Celebrant: Deborah Bedford // The Boys’ Hangout: Sounds on West // Ceremony: Umina SLSC // Reception: The Box on the Water // Flowers: The Bride // Bride’s Accessories: The Madame Bag


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